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Hello again from Galax Florist, well the streets are going to be busy again this evening with the cruise in will be people everywhere and expecially old cars… Come on down and have a great time. Don’t forget flowers for that someone special..

Good Morning

Another quiet day in Galax, the wind is blowing and feels wonderful out, great day for some window shopping. Have

a great day…  

Good Morning

Sounds like it is going to be another hot day in galax, hope everyone visits the shops today down town that way you will be in the cool.. have a great day…

Good morning from Galax Florist

Today is going to be another wonderful day. Still adding more pict to the web page as we get the arrangements done. hope everyone has a wonderful day stay out of the heat and God Bless , dont forget to ck out our web page … thanks from the galax florist

Good morning from Galax Florist

Another nice day out and is quiet in town. Well time to get busy making some silk flower arrangements, my imagination isn’t ready yet to wake up. but got to get it done.. hope everyone has a wonder and safe day today.

Hello from Galax Florist

Oh wow another great day to be working, getting the pictures on our web page and alot more to go. Galax is quiet this morning but everyone is smiling… Have a Great Day.